Villa Kungsberga


Villa Kungsberga offers an experience out of the ordinary - the venue is designed specifically for conference guests looking for something special. Our beautiful, spacious rooms offer luxurious accommodation and you will have your own chef preparing fantastic meals with ingredients from the garden. 

There are 11 double rooms in total, large indoor and outdoor common areas, sauna, relaxation area, outdoor pool, a small gym and a fully equipped conference room for creative meetings. 


There is plenty to do during your coffee breaks. You can enjoy the garden and the stunning view, go for a walk on the Skåneleden trail which is right nearby or go for a bicycle ride. And why not use the beautiful surroundings to hold ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions à la Steve Jobs? 

11 Hotel rooms

1 Meeting room

0 on rounds

19 Beds

3 Single rooms

8 Double rooms

2 Breakout rooms

30 in theatre

40 in restaurang

20 in classroom


16 in u-shape


Scenic just outside Båstad

Malmö: 1 hour 15 min

Copenhagen: 1 hour 50 min


Nearest airport: Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport 20 min

Nearest train station: Båstad station 5,6 km

Nearest bus stop: 2,5 km


Villa Kungsberga

Fylkeskungavägen 36-38
269 96 Båstad


Tel: 0731-498253

Villa Kungsberga_solstolar.jpg