Villa Thalassa


Choosing Villa Thalassa Hotell & Konferens has several benefits. The impression is elegant and relaxed and the familiar and homely atmosphere makes Thalassa the perfect venue for both small and large groups. We mix design, art and modern architecture to create a perfect balance between work and play and the ambiance at Thalassa provides inspiring, thought provoking meetings and experiences.


We know that it can be time consuming to plan a conference and we are happy to tailor your event to your needs using our experience and knowledge, leaving you to focus on the delegates and the content. We also offer a variety of activites which will add to your experience, to ensure that your meeting is a success.

35 Hotel rooms

4 Meeting rooms

72 on rounds

70 Beds

0 Single rooms

35 Double rooms

3 Breakout rooms

80 in theatre

72 in restaurant

40 in classroom


36 in u-shape


Scenic in Helsingborg city

Malmö: 50 min

Copenhagen: 1 tim 20 min


Nearest airport: Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport 30 min

Nearest train station: Helsingborg station 3,7 km

Nearest bus stop: 1,2 km


Villa Thalassa

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 117, 254 33 Helsingborg


Tel: 042-6101400