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Luxury accommodation in the midst of the forest and beautiful hills of Skåne. We aim for quality, not quantity, and for guests to experience our personal service throughout their stay.


Cocoonmeetings offers top quality accommodation with recycled furniture, art by local artists and other beautiful details that will make you feel like nothing is left to chance.


Our meeting spaces are secluded and private, and groups can book the whole venue for exclusive use. Two of our smaller conference rooms, or cocoons, have wood burning stoves and candlelight. You have a choice between a classic table setup using our reclaimed oak furniture, or a more relaxed seating style in cosy armchairs. Our cocoons really are something different and will give you a feeling of a real getaway, and the conference rooms in the main building offer all modern facilities. All of this combined makes for a great experience.


Scenic between Kristianstad and Kivik

Malmö: 1 hour

Copenhagen: 1 hour 50 min


Nearest airport: Kristianstad Airport 12 min

Nearest train station: Kristianstad station 28 km

Nearest bus stop: 3,5 km (We will be happy to pick you up)

10 Hotel rooms

1 Meeting room

icons8-group-50 (1).png

20 on islands

20 Beds

0 Single rooms

10 Double rooms


2 Breakout rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

25 in theatre


25 in restaurant

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20 in classroom


icons8-group-50 (1).png

20 in u-shape


Borråkravägen 60-11

S-297 94 Degeberga

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