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Höörs Gästgifwaregård


We have conference facilities for both big and small companies. There are bright and airy meeting facilities with seating, for up to 100 persons, in the theatre. You are welcome to hold your conference with us during the day or to stay overnight in single or double room accommodations and begin the morning with a delightful breakfast buffet. Staying at Höörs Gästgifwaregård means spoiling yourself a little bit more.


Our hotel rooms are extremely comfortable, completely newly built rooms with a unique feel and atmosphere. We are continuing to develop our modern hospitality offering and in autumn we will be opening our own spa. In our bright and airy, newly built restaurant, breakfast, lunch of the day and à la carte dishes are excellently prepared, from scratch. Preserving the traditional Skåne kitchen is important to us, which is why we buy all of our ingredients from local producers.


Our popular pub is unique in the area, with specially imported furnishings and an atmosphere that takes you straight into a typical London pub.


In the middle of Skåne

Malmö: 40 min

Copenhagen: 1 hour 10 min


Nearest airport: Kristianstad Airport 35 min, Malmö Airport 45 min

Nearest train station: Höör station 800 m

Nearest bus stop: 40 m

29 Hotel rooms

5 Meeting rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

64 on islands

58 Beds

5 Single rooms

24 Double rooms


2 Breakout rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

85 in theatre


120 in restaurant

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80 in classroom


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60 in u-shape

Höörs Gästgifwaregård

Gamla Torg 4

S-243 30 Höör


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