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Jordberga Parkhotell & Events


Are you looking for the small exclusive place with that little extra? Jordberga Parkhotel is the perfect place for your board meeting or a strategic offsite.


You will have access to the hotel in its entirety which means that you have exclusive access to all the rooms which include the dining room, library, meeting rooms, terraces and living rooms.  You won’t risk running into any other guests and you can safely leave papers and presentations in the open. 


The carefully renovated villa is situated amid the beautiful park next to Jorderga Castle. 20min from Malmö Sturup airport and 1 hour from Copenhagen international airport. The hotel has 10 individually decorated rooms where the owners have used a mix of new and modern furniture together with the family’s private heirlooms in order to create a homely yet exclusive feeling. 


Make the most of your meeting by organizing a walk and talk in the park, book a morning session with our personal trainer or how about a guided beer tasting from our local microbrewery? We will gladly help you compose a program well-matched for your group and the purpose of your meeting.


Scenic in a park

Malmö: 40 min

Copenhagen: 1 hour


Nearest airport: Malmö Airport 20 min

Nearest train station: Trelleborg station 20 km

Nearest bus stop: 1,5 km

10 Hotel rooms

3 Meeting rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

150 on islands

20 Beds

0 Single rooms

10 Double rooms


1 Breakout rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

150 in theatre


200 in restaurant

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150 in classroom


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0 in u-shape

Jordberga Parkhotell & Events/Jordberga gård

Jordbergallén 192-28

S-231 99 Klagstorp

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