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Sankt Gertrud Konferens


The change in scenery is probably one of the best things about Sankt Gertrud.

Firstly, even though you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of central Malmö, as soon as you step through one of the old arches, you will find yourself in the peace and quiet of our cobblestone courtyards. 

Secondly, you will move between our rooms throughout the day, and we can assure you that one is not like the other. Perhaps your next visit will be to our champagne bar San Greal, or maybe you will visit our restaurant Haqvin where we serve drinks inspired by the forest, small bites and a really good dinner.

A change of perspective as they say. It’s good for your body and your soul.


In Malmö city

Malmö: 0 min

Copenhagen: 45 min


Nearest airport: Malmö Airport 30 min, Copenhagen Airport 30 min

Nearest train station: Malmö central station 600 m

Nearest bus stop: 20 m

0 Hotel rooms

20 Meeting rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

150 on islands

0 Beds

0 Single rooms

0 Double rooms


4 Breakout rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

200 in theatre


150 in restaurant

icons8-group-50 (1).png

150 in classroom


icons8-group-50 (1).png

50 in u-shape

Sankt Gertrud Konferens

Östergatan 7

S-211 25 Malmö 

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