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The Norrmans på Häckeberga Slott


Delighted or dismayed?

This is our interpretation of a manor house.

We offer a space where people can forget the world they usually inhabit. A world where you can turn off your mobile for a short while and experience what's around you.

Our interiors are more than three-dimensional, with scent and sound playing a full part in the experience. The food should also transport you along with your surroundings. We hope you enjoy the experience.

We offer several meeting rooms, in a range of sizes. All our meeting rooms are equipped with modern technology, which blends wonderfully well with the castle environment of tiled stoves and large, heavy oak doors.

If you'd like to combine your conference with some form of team building, we work closely with RA Äventyr and Time2Learn, who are based in the woods around Häckeberga Slott.

In the evening, you can enjoy food prepared by our culinary director, Daniel Lindgren.

Why not hold your conference with us at Häckeberga Castle near Genarp, surrounded by the most beautiful countryside Skåne can offer.


Scenic and close to Lund, Malmö & Copenhagen

Malmö: 30 min

Copenhagen: 1 hour


Nearest airport: Malmö Airport 15 min

Nearest train station: Lund Centralstation 27 km

Nearest bus stop: 3 km

27 Hotel rooms

4 Meeting rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

40 on islands

54 Beds

0 Single rooms

27 Double rooms


5 Breakout rooms

icons8-group-50 (1).png

60 in theatre


80 in restaurant

icons8-group-50 (1).png

30 in classroom


icons8-group-50 (1).png

25 in u-shape

Häckeberga Slott
S-247 98 Genarp

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