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Visiting each facility as a meeting booker is both time consuming and costly. That is why we arrange tour trips, inspiring seminars and rewarding workshops for meeting bookers in southern Sweden and Denmark.

Inspiration days

Several times a year, we bring a selection of meeting bookers and visit some of our meeting places to provide inspiration for their next meetings. We call these trips Inspiration Days.  

Upcoming Inspiration Days

October 7, 2021
Clarion Hotel & Congress Sea U, Torekov Hotel and Hotel Skansen. Read the invitation here

If you want to visit one of our meeting places on your own, we are happy to help you book it.  Contact Elin Moritz, or 040-78810

Who can follow? 

You work with meetings, conferences, seminars or events at a company or in public activities.

We reserve the right to refuse notifications if they are not from the above target group. Unfortunately, we do not have room for students, vacancies or suppliers to the meeting industry.

You are warmly welcome to contact us with questions at  

Subject to change

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