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After a long time with a lot of distance work and canceled meetings and kickoffs, the need to meet physically is even greater.

Strategies must be set and motivation raised - and it is difficult to do this digitally. Gather your employees to inspire, motivate and engage, create sustainable teams to achieve the set goals.
Colleagues need each other and Skåne's meeting places need you, so book a conference in Skåne.

Our meeting places take full responsibility for reducing the spread of infection and take all measures to ensure that you can meet safely and securely. Among other things, meeting rooms and dining rooms are more sparsely furnished, the buffets have been removed in many places, cleaning routines have been ensured, technology has been adapted so that participants can participate digitally at a distance and stations with alcohol have been displayed throughout the facility. In addition, you can usually adjust the number of participants close to arrival.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any thoughts, special wishes or requirements before  the booking.

We help you find the right meeting place.

Regards Elin & Jimmy

We often get these questions right now:

Can you meet up to 50 people?

Yes, you get it.
Hotels and conference facilities are not affected by the new pandemic law. This means that companies, associations and other private associations may arrange meetings for closed parties with more than eight people, in hotels and conference facilities. 

Public gathering and public event, what does that mean?

General gatherings include demonstrations, lectures, gatherings for religious practice, theater and cinema performances and concerts.
Public events include sports events, dance events, markets and fairs.

In order for a meeting to be considered public, it must be arranged for the public or that the public has access to it.
In order for an event to be considered public, it must be arranged for the public or that the public has access to it.

Hotel and meeting facilities are not covered by the Public Order Act, but instead by the congestion rules decided on by the Swedish Public Health Agency. This means keeping a distance from each other, furnishing and setting the table more airy and ensuring that there is no queue around bars and buffets and that a maximum of four people can sit at the same table.
All serious meeting facilities have taken the necessary measures and many have gone much further than that to prevent the spread of infection.

Who is responsible?

Each individual has their own responsibility to wash their hands, keep their distance and stay at home with the slightest symptoms of illness.

You as a meeting organizer can make sure to facilitate your own responsibility by, for example, booking a larger meeting room, booking single rooms for all participants and making a risk assessment. 
You can make a risk assessment here on the Swedish Public Health Agency's page. If the answers are yes to many of the questions, consider canceling or postponing the event. If the answer is no to all questions, the arrangement can be carried out without further risk assessment.

The meeting place is responsible for adhering to the congestion rules, ie. that guests should be able to keep their distance from each other and staff by furnishing and setting the airier and ensuring that there is no queuing around bars and buffets. The meeting place should inform guests about the importance of keeping a distance and taking care of hand hygiene, that food and drink should be eaten sitting at a table and that you should stay at home if you have symptoms of covid-19.

What should I think about then?

In order for you who book appointments to feel secure that your meetings can be carried out in a safe manner and for the meeting participants to feel safe throughout the meeting, we suggest some points that you can think about:

Checklist for a Corona safe meeting

When booking

  • Can the meeting be divided into several smaller rooms, or perhaps even for several days, to spread out the participants? An alternative may be to have a hybrid meeting where some participants are on site at the meeting place and the others are with digital.  

  • Can certain parts of the meeting be planned outdoors? Small group discussions can be taken outdoors during a walk.

  • Do you need special equipment, for example. video screen and live streaming technology, on-site technologies?  

  • Book single rooms for all participants as an extra security.  

  • Activities to strengthen the team spirit in the group?  

  • Ask the meeting place what measures they took during the Covid-19 pandemic, for example:
    -  Extra cleaning during breaks and between meeting groups
    - Which booking conditions apply?
    - Can you book your own dining room for meals?
    -  How is breakfast and lunch served, are there different times for different groups, table service?

Before the meeting

  • Inform in advance that people with disease symptoms, even mild ones, will not come to the event.


Stay up to date on any new directives on

Updated July 1, 2021.

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