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Do you run a professional meeting facility and are interested in becoming a member of Skånska Möten? 
Do you want more surfaces to market yourself on?
Do you work actively with sustainability issues - ex. has a sustainability plan and has a collective agreement for all employees?
If you answer yes to the questions, Skånska Möten can be something for your facility.

About Skåne Meetings

Skånska Möten is a business network and a marketing organization that addresses the conference market. The purpose is to create platforms for the affiliated members where they can meet and make contacts with meeting buyers in Sweden and Denmark, in order to generate more conferences for their meeting places. 
Networking between colleagues in the industry is a valuable way to exchange thoughts, ideas and problem solutions between each other in order to develop their own meeting products.

Our target group is privately owned meeting places in Skåne that work professionally with meetings and want to work in networks with other meeting places and market themselves to meeting buyers in the Öresund region.

Our membership criteria

Members of Skånska Möten must:

  •  conduct qualitative and professional meeting activities in Skåne

  •  have at least 10 overnight stays * 

  •  have had the business running for at least 1 year

  •  have a satisfactory overall impression of the facility

  •  have high quality furniture and equipment

  •  have a high level of ambition in meals and service

  •  work actively according to a sustainability plan

  •  have a collective agreement for all its employees

  •  offer the same conference price regardless of whether the booking is via Skånska Möten or directly to the customer

  • Sk offer Skånska Mötens staff price on accommodation * 

  •  show affiliation to Skånska Möten through logo and link on the website

* does not apply to day conference facilities

What you get

  • Large network of professional conference facilities

  • Own page at  (SE, DK, ENG)

  • Participation in Skånska Mötens annual membership meeting (one person)

  • RiFree access to favorable purchase agreements

  • Two hours of free consultation

For a fee, the member has access to the following supplements:

  • Participate in customer activities

  • Participate in a book meeting

  • Participate in Inspiration Days

  • Participate in a joint stand at selected trade fairs

  • Marketing packages

  • Plats Advertising space in digital mailings

  • Make own mailings via Skånska Mötens customer register

  • ÖraMake own arrangements with Skånska Möten

  • Consultation

  • Help with advertising material for newsletters etc.


Nya tider, nytt sälj, nytt tänk


Försäljning idag något helt annat än att ringa hundra kalla samtal och få massa ”NEJ!”.

Idag behöver säljare finnas i alla möjliga kanaler och bemästra aktiviteterna i alla typer av forum. Ett bra försäljningsarbete handlar om att ge allt, ha rätt mental och fysisk inställning samt att vinna segrar.

•    Kommersiella touch points

•    Upsales taktik

•    Tekniker to Show up!

•    A Winning Mind-set

•    Strukturera ditt säljarbete

•    Förhandlingsteknik

•    Hitrate Incoming

•    Leisure Sales

•    Conference Sales

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Add Content AB hjälper människor och företag att utvecklas i sin digitala marknadsföring och erbjuder t ex. tjänster inom följande områden:

Marknadsplan och strategi
•    Nuläges- och omvärldsanalys
•    Målsättning
•    Målgruppsanalys
•    Varumärkesanalys
•    Budskap/content
•    Medieval
•    Uppföljning/statistik

Webb och sökmotor
•    Bygga/drifta webbsida
•    SEO
•    Google My Business
•    Google Ads

Sociala medier
•    Plattformar och funktioner/format
•    Schemalägg innehåll
•    Contentplan
•    Influencer Marketing
•    “Boosta” dina sociala medier
OTA:s – distribution, nätverk och mellanhänder

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Rätt erbjudande till pris till rätt kund vid rätt tillfälle. Här finns mycket pengar att tjäna!

Anlita en byrå som hjälper er att komma i gång, litet som stort. 


•    Distribution 
•    Strategi för prissättning
•    Analyser
•    Segmentering
•    Konfiguration & systemhantering
•    Bokningsprocedurer
•    Kampanjer & paket
Med mera…


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martin addcontent.jpg

Annika Branting
Sales Manager
Hotel Statt in Hässleholm / Room Republic

"Hotel Statt in Hässleholm are members of Skånska Möten because we appreciate the personality that Elin and Jimmy represent. They really get to know the different facilities and we feel confident that we are presented in the right way. We also appreciate the inspirational trips they arrange as is always very rewarding and important as the visitors are the people who choose meeting facilities at the various companies. It is also inspiring to participate in the workshops they arrange for members. I would like to recommend Skånska Möten. "

Jens Malmhagen
Operations Manager
Flädie Mat & Vingård

" Skånska Möten has a large network of contacts that we can be part of. It would have been difficult for us to reach, we would have disappeared in the crowd.  The network is also important for us - to meet colleagues where we discuss high and low.
The annual membership meeting is good with lecturers who have a huge knowledge of the industry. "


Christina Jonsson.jpg

Jane Hviid
Kronovalls Vinslott

" We are members because we like the network with all colleagues. It is very worthwhile to be able to share ideas and thoughts with colleagues in the industry.

We also see an increased opportunity for more conferences through our membership and we also appreciate the work that Jimmy and Elin do for us members. "


How does it happen?

If a membership in Skånska Möten can be interesting  we book a visit where we come and visit your meeting place. 

If we both feel that we can have a good collaboration, we will move forward by proposing to our existing members that you may become members. Once they have approved the membership, you become a member. You pay an annual service fee.

Contact Elin Moritz for more information.

Jimmy 475x475.jpg

Jimmy Moritz

Marketing & sales

070-269 60 88

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