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About Skåne


From cultural, culinary city life to your own private piece of forest, Skåne offers you an enormous variety of experiences, all within an hour's drive. From championship golf courses, to canoeing, high adventure to relaxing spa, fine dining to pub grub, you'll find everything to satisfy your heart, soul and stomach.

Skåne's slow pace of life and friendly atmosphere attracts bon-vivants from all over the world who come here to enjoy peaceful nature experiences and well-preserved cultural sights. With an  area of approximately 11000 km², Skåne is far from frantic and gives you plenty of space to enjoy the surroundings.


Originally part of Denmark, the region is scattered by pre-17th century Danish influences throughout the villages, towns and cities. You'll also find ancient monuments from the Viking era, and an abundance of medieval churches as well as picture perfect renaissance style villages. The half-timbered and brightly colored houses enhance Skåne's charming character and calls for beautiful photo opportunities, so bring your camera!


Skåne is as pretty as a patchwork quilt with fertile farmlands, lush forests and clear blue lakes. The extensive plains and deep forests are surrounded by over 400 kilometers of coastline in three directions that alters between inviting sandy beaches and steep rocky precipices. The rural areas and the charming fishing villages are littered with castles, manors, museums and magnificent gardens. If you're more of a city slicker and in search of culinary experiences, visit the  cosmopolitan city of Malmö in the southwest, Helsingborg in the northwest or Kristianstad in the northeast.

Once you've visited Skåne, you'll want to come back. Again and again.


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