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Save time and money by letting us help you with your meeting or event request.
We have extensive experience in arranging and booking conferences and meetings and come up with proposals for suitable and available conference facilities for your particular group.
If you have any wishes of your own, we will of course take them into account. We would be happy to have a dialogue with you in order to be able to offer the most suitable facilities for your particular meeting.

This is how it works:
1. You fill out the form and we confirm that we have received it within a few hours.
2. We create the request in our platform and select the venues that best suit your needs.
3. You receive a quote from the selected venues, or an answer that they are not available. If you want to change something in the request or have more options, we will arrange it for you.
4. You choose the venue that suits you best and click "book". The booking is only booked when the venue has confirmed the booking.

5. You enter times, participant list, allergies, etc. in the platform. You can also make an invitation in the platform that you send to your colleagues. Participant management is also available.

Our booking service involves no mark-ups and does not cost you anything, but we receive a commission from the venue of your choice.

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Ask yourselves what the purpose is for your event. Who are the delegates? Is it a leadership committee setting new company strategies? If so, it may be important for them to be undisturbed, perhaps even the only client at the venue.


Do you have specific technology requirements? Do all delegates need to use a laptop?


Some sort of activity is a great addition to your event. Our venues offer a great selection of activities that will suit everyone.


Skånska Möten
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