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Do you find it difficult to find the right place for your meeting?
Then we can help. We know all our meeting places and can give you personal guidance and tips on how to make your next meeting the very best.

Contact us for a comprehensive offer with the ideal meeting places for you, so you can easily get an overview and compare the different places. Time optimized and accurate.

It is free to use Skånska Mötens booking service.

Fill out our booking form and we will get back to you soon with suggestions.

Here you can read about our personal data policy ( Swedish  or  English )


When you hold a meeting event in Sweden, all VAT is deductible (in EU countries the same rules apply as in the countries where you buy a product or service).

The request for a refund of VAT takes place with the Danish tax authorities. You can find practical guidance> Business > VAT  > Moms wood trading udlandet>  Get VAT paid abroad back

The price level is very reasonable in Scania and the krone's exchange rate remains favorable for Danes. This, together with the VAT deduction, also makes it financially favorable to hold meeting events in Scania.

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