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In February, it's time for "Future Winners", our annual Membership Meeting.

We broadcast digitally from Fritiden Hotell & Kongress in Ystad.  

WEDNESDAY 3 FEBRUARY 08.30-12.30 (join the meeting at 8.15)


  • Annual report from Skånska Möten

  • Lecture and workshop with Jonas Hammarberg

The winner of the future

The world is changing and meetings, events and the conference industry are now facing a number of new challenges. Jonas Hammarberg, author of the best-selling book Get Digital or die trying and Apparnas Planet, gives us a unique combined lecture and workshop about the current situation and the future.
Jonas shares insights, knowledge and practical examples of what you and your business can do to become a winner in 2021 and beyond.
Read more about Jonas Hammarberg.


Deadline for registration is 15 January.

The membership meeting is mandatory and is included in your membership fee.


Do you wonder how it goes for colleagues in the industry and what they have going on? 

All participants answer a few short questions via a survey that you can find here

Important dates

January 15 Deadline for registration

January 19 Last day for submission of answers to the survey "Branschkoll"

February 3 Member meeting - log in on time and leave your stressful workday outside the door.


A warm welcome to an inspiring day!


Purpose goal
The purpose of the day (s) is for you to see your colleagues in the network,  get more information about Skånska Möten and listen to an inspiring and knowledgeable lecturer.

The goal is for you to feel strengthened with what you can do to become a winner in the industry and make valuable contacts with colleagues in Skåne.  

Who participates?
Participates do  our contacts at our member facilities,  it's everything from owners to hotel managers and marketing & sales managers.  

What should I consider?
Log in to the meeting well in advance and test the technology. We will have group discussions so you need a microphone and preferably a camera option.

Make sure that you can disconnect from the daily work when you attend the meeting, so that you can be present with both body and soul.

Do you have questions or concerns that are not included here?

Contact Elin Moritz  at or 040-78810

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