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Skåne is neither one nor the other - Skåne is a bit of everything, the best of both worlds. Come here and experience everything for yourself.

You get from one side of Skåne to the other in a little more than two hours.

Skåne is a beautiful mosaic of lush fields, forests and lakes. There are plenty of castles, mansions and museums as well as magnificent parks. In this fortress from the Viking Age you will also find lots of medieval churches as well as picturesque cities from the Renaissance.

Skåne offers creative, unusual and authentic experiences within short distances. There are large plains and 400 km of coast in three different directions with long inviting sandy beaches, deep forests in the central and northeastern parts and steep cliffs in the northwest.
The countryside and the charming fishing villages are close to the cities with the cosmopolitan Malmö in the southwest, Helsingborg in the northwest and Kristianstad in the northeast. The island of Ven is called the pearl of the strait and is perfect for cycling excursions.

The pleasant climate in Skåne makes it easy to enjoy life. With long summers and mild winters, you can experience everything that Skåne has to offer all year round.


SKÅNELEDEN  - 130 km hiking trail divided into 100 stages

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Skånska Möten books and markets a wide range of meeting facilities in Skåne. Everything from the small personal hotel, sustainable facilities and unique taste & nature experiences to farms that only receive one group at a time.

The accommodation options we recommend above are hand-picked members of Skånska Möten.

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