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About Skåne

Skåne is a beautiful mosaic of lush fields, forests and lakes. It abounds in castles, mansions and museums as well as magnificent parks. In this stronghold from the Viking Age you will also find lots of medieval churches as well as picturesque cities from the Renaissance.


Skåne offers creative, unusual and authentic experiences within short distances. There are large plains, rolling rapeseed fields and 400 km of coastline in three different directions with long inviting sandy beaches as well as deep forests in the central and northeastern parts as well as steep cliffs in the northwest.


The rural areas and the charming fishing villages are close to the cities with the cosmopolitan Malmö in the southwest, Helsingborg in the northwest and Kristianstad in the northeast. The island Hven is called the pearl in the Sound and is perfect for excursions by bike.


Skåne's pleasant climate makes it easy to enjoy life. With long summers and mild winters, you can experience everything Skåne has to offer all year round, whether you are for indoor or outdoor activities. Scania is neither one nor the other - Scania is a bit of everything, the best of both worlds. Come over here and experience it all for yourself.


Skåne has many cities, and they are close to each other in a country where things otherwise have room to spread. This makes Skåne easy to take in by car and train.

Why should Danes hold meetings in Sweden?

Swedish companies and organizations are well known for meetings and conferences outside the daily familiar environment. It gives Danish meeting and conference buyers unique opportunities, just on the other side of the Sound.

In Skåne, there is a large and widely varied range of well-run meeting and conference venues; small and large hotels from 3 to 5 stars, castles and mansions, inns and inns, course centers, etc. And a complementary undergrowth of activity providers, event and conference organizers, consulting consultants and destination companies.

For Danish meeting and conference buyers, Skåne can simply be summed up in three words: Professional, different and close!

Professional meeting companies

The meeting and conference industry "beyond" is extensive, experienced and service-minded. The Swedish market creates competition that fosters high quality, customer orientation and innovation. At Scanian meeting and conference venues, you can expect to meet a professional product - and expect to have your expectations met!

Different meeting environments

"The east starts in Malmö" it was called before, and even though Danes no longer feel like strangers in Scania, you meet the different and diverse in the great nature and the small detail. Here is the change of environment and the little surprise that contributes to the content of the meeting also being brightly clear to the participants long after. The Scanian nature, often right outside the door, is experienced differently untouched and rewarding than at home. The words, the Scanian tone and the small practical differences emphasize that it is not just another day "at the factory"; and the classic Swedish "fika", the informal coffee break with delicious home baking, always goes straight home as the extra little detail at the event.

And you should not forget - and no Danish meeting and conference guests do that even after an event in Scania! - that the Scanian food culture is world class. It is often high-level gastronomy that is dished up. Everyone knows what food does for a successful meeting or seminar. And that is exactly what Scanian cuisine does.

Away from it all - close by!

In the last 10-15 years, Scania has become the backyard of the whole of eastern Denmark; you just have to cross the Øresund, then you are in place. A 1-day event in Scania is absolutely possible; even the farthest corner is no more than a few hours transport from Helsingborg or Malmö. Yes, in just half an hour you reach an environment you thought you would fly many hours after. Skåne IS close, and yet different and tantalizing to curiosity - without being too foreign.

All meeting organizers know how transportation to the unique environment can drain any event of energy; that danger is modest in Scania. Whether you use a bridge or ferry, car, bus or the good train connections, the infrastructure does not give cause for concern at an event in Scania. It's easy to get back and forth - fast.

Costs and VAT

It is to Skåne's advantage that the cost level is generally a bit lower than in Denmark; The range of meeting and conference products also ensures that it is possible to find a price level that corresponds to one's ability, and with the Swedish krone exchange rate, there is also a currency advantage to be gained. And the VAT, 12% on accommodation and 25% on the rest, is admittedly paid in the first instance, but with a simple application, which is even available online, the VAT amount is refunded by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Article from Kursuslex Møde & Eventmagasinet.  Read the full article

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