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At Skånska Möten, we work for a more sustainable conference industry, where everyone must have the opportunity to participate on equal terms and with consideration for climate, environment and ethics. Most of our meeting places work actively with sustainability issues and many have obtained labels or certifications from various organizations. You can see them during their respective presentations.

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ISO 14001.png

Green Key is the international eco-label for tourism, which is given to tourism companies that make an extra effort to protect the environment. An eco-labeled company must live up to many concrete and relevant environmental requirements, which are ensured by a comprehensive approval procedure and by ongoing inspections.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that aims to improve the company to meet customer needs. Examples of principles are customer focus, leadership, process management and relationship management.

ISO 14000 stands for the standards that have to do with environmental management. Some effects of working with environmental management according to ISO 14001 are that business processes become more sustainable, environmental work is made more efficient and the use of resources and materials is reduced.

Safehotels is a third-party certification with a focus on security. The certified hotels and meeting centers meet a number of criteria in terms of security, crisis management and more. The certification makes it easier for guests to identify hotels and meeting centers that work with and prioritize security.

The Swan is the common Nordic eco-label, covering a wide range of product categories in virtually all industries, but also hotels. The label is controlled by Ecolabelling Denmark. The criteria for the individual product groups are drawn up jointly between the Nordic countries.

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