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Lund is Sweden's oldest city and has a very rich and impressive cultural heritage. During your conference, you should experience the Cathedral in Lund, which is considered to be one of Sweden's most important sights. Lund Art Gallery is also a must if you want to see art in an inspiring environment.


Friluftsmuseet Kulturen is an area that consists of about thirty historic buildings, where you can walk around and study the old buildings.


The area around the cathedral is the most beautiful and charming part of Lund with narrow, winding streets and low, colorful houses. Here you can also visit one of the many cafés in the park, while enjoying the beautiful views of the centuries-old area.



Another attraction is the Museum of Sketches, which is a unique art museum focusing on the artistic, creative process. Here is the world's largest collection of sketches, models and preliminary works for Swedish and international public art.


Also do not miss visiting Romeleåsen, the so-called lake landscape, where you can experience forest, nature, rare plants and animals or castles and museums.

Watch Visit Lund's film about meetings in Lund.

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