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Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and here it is shopping, culture, sports and gastronomy that draw. The proximity to two international airports makes it easy and convenient for both Swedish and foreign meeting participants to find.


You can visit Malmöhusslott, which is the Nordic region's oldest preserved Renaissance castle. Also St. Petri Church, which is the oldest building in Malmö with its foundation in the early 14th century, is worth a visit.


If you are interested in food and drink in the cozy city center, you can walk past Lilla Torg, which is centrally located in Malmö. You can also take a walk in the western part of the harbor for a closer look at the Turning Torso with its height of 190 meters and a turn of 90 degrees from the ground to the top.

Malmö is the city of parks with its 15 beautiful, unique and well-visited green areas, which make the city seem very lively, and it is easy to just settle down and enjoy the surroundings. The castle garden, which is open all year round, is an alternative for you who want to be inspired and see more green. The garden consists of several smaller gardens in different styles and all with a focus on ecology.


The Swedish-Danish TV series Broen was filmed in Malmö and the Øresund Bridge, among other places, and during your visit you can get a guided tour to places that are both known and unknown, but which follow the series' main characters. An easy and exciting way to discover Malmö.


Skanör Falsterbo is surrounded by the sea with kilometers of sandy beaches in the southwest corner of Skåne. Do not miss to take a trip there to discover the unique nature, flora and rich bird life.

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