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Ystad and Österlen have something for everyone, everything from physically demanding experiences to the more calm and cultural or tastefully engaging experiences for all interests and groups.


You can participate in activities such as jeep driving, safari, beer and wine tasting, courses at a silversmith, visit a glassblowing, participate in cooking classes, ride a segway with a guide, visit the art museum in Ystad or the monastery from the Middle Ages.


You can often recognize Ystad from the well-known crime series Wallander, and you can of course get a guided tour through the city and experience the scenes and the familiar places in real life. You can also visit Cineteket, where you can, among other things, see how a film production is made, see film performances, meet the team behind the films and find out more about how they make special effects.


The nature around Ystad and Österlen is incredibly beautiful, and when you still visit the famous Ale's rocks, you should at the same time enjoy the fine and quiet surroundings. Stenhuvud National Park is also nearby, which is of course also worth a visit for those interested in nature.

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