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We are passionate about and recognise the power of physical meetings, but sometimes we need to use technology to hold digital meetings.

The most common are video conferencing or hybrid meetings where some participants meet at one of our meeting facilities and some colleagues join by link from another city.
There are several challenges to conducting successful digital meetings. More is required of you as a meeting leader to best reach out to participants and get them involved. 

Here we have listed the opportunities for digital meetings at our meeting facilities.


A hybrid meeting is a combination of a digital meeting and a physical meeting. 
Some participants attend physically in a room, while others connect digitally to the meeting. With technical equipment, you can feel as if everyone is there and make your voice heard, creating greater interaction and participation. 
This involves a camera, microphone and speakers. The meeting is broadcast live and can also be recorded and used again.



The option to broadcast from a studio with one or more presenters in the studio, and with participants connecting digitally with or without software.
Can be both live and pre-recorded. The technology and technicians are on site.

Live streaming of a physical event where all or part of the programme is broadcast to a digital audience.
Your own camera and staff are on site for the live broadcast of a trade fair, lecture, event or annual general meeting.

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