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The Green Key is an international environmental certification where venues are required to fulfil international standards specific to accommodation and conference venues. Criteria are designed to decrease the direct impact on the environment but also to inform and encourage guests to support the ambitions and actions taken by the venues.

In order to be awarded the IACC Green Star certification and adhere to the IACC Code of Sustainability, all members fulfil a comprehensive set of global criteria and standards regarding meeting space design, food, beverage and service.

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ISO 9001 is a quality management system focusing on improving businesses to meet customer needs. Examples of principles are client focus, leadership, process management and relations management.

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ISO 14000 is the collective name for the standards concerning environmental management. The effects of working according to ISO 14000 are more sustainable business processes, more effective environmental efforts and a decrease in the use of resources and materials.

Safehotels is a third party certification focusing on safety and security. The certified hotels and venues fulfil a number of criteria regarding safety, crisis management and similar. The Safehotels certification makes it easier for guests to identify hotels and venues focusing on and prioritising guest safety.


The Swan is the main official environmental certification in the Nordic countries, by order of the government. The Swan certification helps consumers make the right choices for the environment and also works for a sustainable society. The Swan aims to be at the forefront of development and to be the best choice from an environmental, health and quality point of view.

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